My Priorities


We need to keep our promise to DREAMers and provide DACA recipients a path to citizenship. We also need to challenge SB 1070 so Phoenix can become a Sanctuary City.


Everyone working full-time deserves to make enough money to support their family, regardless of race, age or gender. Those in need deserve resources to survive and succeed.


Affordable healthcare for all is a must. Additionally, drug companies must pay for misleading the public about opioids, and we need to rethink our city's stance on marijuana.


Our city needs to be kept safe by use of a fully-trained, fully-staffed police force. Our focus must be on rehabilitation first, punishment second.

Thinking Ahead

I want to expand Code PHX to anyone interested in learning about coding, robotics and 3D modeling, with special classes to train unemployed adults.


Our school system needs proper funding, modern equipment and incentives to bring talented teachers to our city. Phoenix can also benefit from adopting tuition-free community college.

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About Me

I've worked hard to shine a light on injustice and corruption as a journalist, filmmaker and activist, and now I want to continue serving my community as a champion of worker's rights from within the system.


District 8 is home to some of the most economically diverse individuals and families. From the multi-million dollar condos in the heart of downtown to the historic buildings in the throughout central and south Phoenix, we have a healthy mix of blue collar workers, business professionals and students living in our District. Everyone in our community should have an equal opportunity to lead a vibrant, fulfilling lives - something we can achieve if we work together. I will work to provide our community with:
  • Well-maintained libraries, parks, pools and senior centers
  • Proper living wages
  • Assist individuals with obtaining education assistance (grants, scholarships, etc.)
  • Revitalize neighborhoods through the use of historic preservation grants
  • Reliable and efficient public transportation


Our beautiful city suffers from an understaffed police force, overflowing prisons and understaffed schools. We're not the only city that faces these troubling issues, but we are in a position to do something about it. By shifting our police force's focus on real and present threats to the city, we can save officer's time and use our cities precious resources towards staffing our police force and rewarding our teachers. We can achieve both of these goals - along with reducing our population of convicts - by decriminalizing marijuana in the city of Phoenix. As of right now, there are an average 16 people in Maricopa County are booked for possession of marijuana every day. If we decriminalize a substance that is already legal for medical use and institute a fine for possession of an ounce or less, we can turn this $1.3 million annual cost into a surplus of approximately $1.7 million. This will also save police officers more than 17,000 man-hours annually, and spare more than 6,000 people from having a criminal felony on their record. Further, I propose the $1.7 million the city will take in to go towards staffing police forces. With the remaining funds, I would like to set up a grant specifically for public school teachers, as a way to incentivize talented educators to come and stay in Phoenix.

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